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Dread Hunger is a game that blends several genres to create unique and immersive gameplay. Cooperative first-person survival horror with a crafting system is combined with the main feature of the product - social deduction. 

As you know, the concept of the classic "mafia" with the search for traitors has already been successfully used in Among Us. Well, Dread Hunger develops this idea and offers a lot of interesting mechanics.


The game is set in the middle of the XIX century. A British expedition of eight men explores the harsh waters of the Arctic by ship. The survivors are united by one goal: to leave the bay, the exit of which is blocked by a huge iceberg. The realization of this seemingly simple task is complicated by a series of factors.

The team begins the mission by loading the last of the fuel into the steam boiler. Naturally, there is too little of it to make it to the end. Therefore, the brave crew spend the entire game searching for fuel scattered all over the map - mostly coal and wood. 

Alas, the players have only three days to blow up the iceberg and get out of the bay. Next comes the blizzard, which threatens the agonizing death of all survivors. Since Dread Hunger is not set in the tropics, the crew constantly has to deal with the problem of heating. 

Temperatures drop dramatically at night, so it is necessary to gather valuable resources during daylight hours. Campfires, stoves, fireplaces, and even the navigator's lantern can save the crew at the very last moment. But it often happens that the crew members in the next sortie spend all the necessary loot and freeze at night, crawling in the snow on their last breath.

In addition to the traditional health and "cold" indicators, there is another important scale. It shows the level of satiety of the character. Of course, it is constantly waning, so the search for provisions becomes another important task. 

A starving team member gradually loses HP and dies. The map is populated by seals, hares, wolves, and bears, whose meat can be cooked on stoves and campfires. In the most extreme cases, human meat is used.


Dread Hunger has excellent graphics for a game of its type. The environment is convincing and detailed, from the icy waters of the Arctic to the bleak, snow-covered landscapes. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the various weapons and tools are intricately detailed. The game is atmospheric and suspenseful, and the graphics play a large role in creating that feeling.


The controls in Dread Hunger are simple and easy to learn. The game is playable with a keyboard or a controller, and the controls are customizable. The controls are responsive and work well, making the game easy to play.


Dread Hunger is a game that is best played with friends. The game is intense and challenging, and the social deduction element makes it fun and exciting to play. The game can be played over and over again, and the replay value is high.


Dread Hunger is an excellent game that blends several genres to create a unique and immersive experience. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is well-done, and the controls are easy to learn. 

Dread Hunger is a well-optimized game. The game can run on a 5-year-old computer without any problems. There is no overloaded graphics, and the main advantage is the mechanics. The voice chat works fine, plus the developers are improving the game with constant patches

The game is best played with friends, and the replay value is high. The game is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good game to play. If you're looking for a more adult psychological game for the company than Among Us, be sure to try Dread Hunger.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • The game has an interesting crafting system
  • The game is based on social deduction
  • Unique and immersive gameplay
  • Huge role-playing opportunities
  • Interesting mechanics


    • The game can be quite difficult
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