Evolution level:36
Boss Level:Belly Button Cave
Name recipe: Stone Soup a la Cube

A part of Generation 1, Graveler is a Rock/Ground Pokémon that is quite powerful and strong. He evolves at level 25 from Geodude and into Alolan Graveler in Alola. Unlike Geodude, Graveler is a bipedal boulder that has a total of four arms which have hands with three fingers on them. At times, Graveler will not use its legs and float around to move faster. It prefers to roll down slopes, smashing anything in its way. It stops itself by smashing into bigger rocks. While climbing mountains, Graveler consumes rocks which helps it restore any broken or chipped parts of his body. The Alolan Graveler has dravite crystals and iron sand for magnetism.

The abilities of Graveler are similar to that of Geodude. These abilities include Rock Head or Sturdy and Sand Veil as its hidden ability.

The best Graveler movesets are Rock Throw and Mud-Slap. Graveler best sets and Graveler best tactics are Stone Edge, Rock Blast and Dig.

Graveler moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
Flail Normal 130 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user flails about, damaging enemies it hits.
Harden Normal 0 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Sharing Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user stiffens its body, lowering the damage it takes for a while.
Tackle Normal 163 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user smashes into enemies in front of itself with all its might, damaging them.
Self-Destruct Normal 494 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone The user approaches enemies and causes an explosion, damaging all surrounding enemies. The tradeoff is that the user takes enough damage to knock itself out.
Stealth Rock Rock 120 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Scattershot Stone The user creates pillars of stone from the ground, damaging enemies hit by them.
Rollout Rock 130 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user spins around, damaging surrounding enemies it smashes into.

How to get Graveler in Pokemon Quest

Would you like to know how to get Graveler and add him to your collection? Here’s how – Simple prepare a special Graveler recipe that is called Mud Pie which can also be described as “A few minerals and a lot of soft things. This recipe includes ingredients like 1 Bluk Berry, 2 Honey and 1 Icy Rock.

How to evolve Graveler in Pokemon Quest

Graveler evolves into Golem only when traded and is the final evolution form of Geodude. Graveler's evolution levels begin with Geodude and moves on to Graveler at level 25 which then evolves into Golem.