Evolution level:25

Commonly referred to as a tadpole Pokémon or more specifically, a Water-type Pokémon, the Poliwag is a remarkable creature. It was introduced at Generation 1. It looks like a mix between a round tadpole and a platypus - with its flattened tail. The black and white coil or swirl on its stomach is actually the Pokémon's organs through its thin skin. It has elastic skin for bite protection but comes without arms. It is usually found near water bodies.

Poliwag abilities include Water Absorb or Damp and a hidden Swift Swim ability.

The best Poliwag moveset includes Bubble and Mud Shot. Bubble Beam, Body Slam and Mud Bomb are Poliwag best sets and Poliwag best tactics.

Poliwag moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
Surf Water 127 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone The user creates a wide wave and charges forward on it. Deals damage to enemies caught in the wave.
Waterfall Water 252 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Scattershot Stone The user approaches enemies in front of itself and creates a pillar of water beneath them. This deals damage to enemies it hits.
Flail Normal 130 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user flails about, damaging enemies it hits.
Bubble Water 68 7 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone, Scattershot Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user fires bubbles in three directions. Deals damage to enemies hit by the bubbles and sometimes lowers their movement speed.
Aqua Jet Water 182 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user charges at enemies in front of itself with tremendous speed, dealing damage to them.

How to get Poliwag in Pokemon Quest

Want to know how to get Poliwag? Simply mix together ingredients including 2 Bluk Berry 2 Honey and 1 ice Rock. This special Poliwag recipe is known as Mouth Watering Dip and includes a whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue.

How to evolve Poliwag in Pokemon Quest

The Poliwag evolution levels go from Poliwag to Poliwhirl at level 25 and with the help of 25 Candy. Then further evolution includes Poliwhirl into Poliwrath with the help of 100 Water Stone. There is another evolution step that goes from Poliwhirl to Politoed with the help of trade holding Kings Rock.