Evolution level:1
Name recipe: Plain Crepe à la Cube

The Ditto Pokémon was introduced at Generation 1 and is a Normal-type Transform Pokémon. Naturally, Ditto is a free-form creature that takes on the shape of other Pokémon or objects when required. It is magenta in color and has vestigial features on its face. There are two vestigial arms that protrude from its upper body as well. It mimics another objects form and abilities quite exactly when in person, but can miss out on a few details when mimicking out of memory. It loses its abilities when it laughs.

Ditto’s abilities are Limber and Imposter, which is its hidden ability.

Transform is considered as the best Ditto moveset while Struggle is one among Ditto’s best sets and Ditto’s best tactics.

Ditto moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
Transform Normal 0 0   When Ditto transforms into another Pokemon, this changes into a move that Pokemon can learn.

How to get Ditto in Pokemon Quest

Create the perfect Ditto recipe knowns as Plain Crepe which includes a lot of sweet things and a few grey. With ingredients such as 2 Balm Mushroom and 3 Honey, this recipe is the best solution when you want to know how to get Ditto.

How to evolve Ditto in Pokemon Quest

Ditto is a Pokémon that does not evolve into anything else. The Ditto evolution levels suggest that based on the object or Pokémon mimicked, Ditto's abilities are obtained.