Evolution level:30

Dratini is a Dragon-type Pokémon, also known as Dragon Pokémon. Once believed to be a mythical Pokémon, it has been found living underwater in colonies. The cute Pokémon made its debut in the Beauty is Skin Deep, in Generation I. Dratini is associated with life energy, and it keeps growing until it reaches six feet or beyond this length. Dratini abilities are Shed Skin and Marvel Scale. When it’s time to shed skin, Dratini confides behind a large waterfall.

Dratini moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
Dragon Dance Dragon 0 8   The user vigorously performs a mystic, powerful dance that raises the amount of damage it deals and its movement speed for a while.
Dragon Pulse Dragon 188 7 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone, Scattershot Stone The user sends a shock wave flying from its mouth, damaging enemies hit by it.
Agility Psychic 0 2 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Sharing Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user relaxes and lightens its body, raising its movement speed for a while.
Dragon Rush Dragon 141 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Scattershot Stone The user flies into enemies a short distance from itself with great intensity, damaging them.
Extreme Speed Normal 130 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user charges into enemies in front of itself with blinding speed, damaging them.


How to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest

For a Dragon-type Pokémon like Dratini, you can stew up a recipe like Mulligan Stew a la Cube using ingredients as per your discretion. You can also prepare Blue Soda a la Cube recipe using a whole lot of blue like icy rock or bluk berry. Once you have Dratini, you can utilize its move sets that include slam, aqua tail, hyper beam, blizzard, thunder, and façade. The best sets comprise of dragon tail, dragon rush, outrage, and so on.


How to evolve Dratini in Pokemon Quest

Dratini evolution occurs at level 30 where it evolves into Dragonair. This Pokémon further evolves into Dragonite at level 55. Once Dratini learns certain moves or completes quests, it levels up or evolves into an advanced form.