Pokemon Quest Bonus Guide

Playing Pokemon Quest, you might have noticed that some Pokemon are stronger than the other. This difference is generated by the type which the Pokemon belongs to. The advantages of each Pokemon are caused by the Bonus Type. Why should you pay attention to Type Bonuses in Pokemon Quest? Are there any other bonuses except the named one? Let’s plunge into this subject with our full guide of Pokemon Quest Bonuses.

What is the Bonus Type?

With your Pokemon team consisting of three members, you go on expeditions in Pokemon Quest. From the beginning of each mission, you discover the Bonus Type information. It differs with every new location you enter. Knowing Bonus Type of every new world in Pokemon Quest, you can prepare better for an expedition.

The first expedition in Pokemon Quest is marked with the Fighting Bonus Type. The Gloomy Groove which is the second location for your expedition is marked with Fire Bonus Type. Every new stage has its own Bonus Type. Why can this information be useful to you?

Let’s explain on the example of the third stage. It is the Backforth Brook world which has a mark of the Grass Bonus Type. This will give you a clue about which types of Pokemon are better to take on the expedition to gain the best results.

The Pokemon will earn more bonus power from fighting in the area of the same type. It is more likely that you win a fight if you have a Water-type Pokemon with you on the Backforth Brook expedition.  

What is the Expedition Bonus?

There is also the Expedition Bonus in Pokemon Quest. It has a special meter which shows its actual level on the screen. It is filled up gradually when you go on expeditions and is directly proportional to the experience you get at every stage.

Expedition Bonus will be completely filled after passing twelve expeditions. When you receive the Expedition Bonus, your Pokemon get the profitable buff for their next encounter.

With Expedition Bonus, your Pokemon team is guaranteed to get the gold Power Stone on the next expedition. There is also a chance to find some powerful Move Stones.

The effect of the Expedition Bonus lasts only for a single expedition. The more powerful Pokemon you will fight with the Expedition Bonus, the more valuable rewards you will get.

So if it is possible, it is recommendable to use your Expedition Bonus when fighting the highest rated boss you can compete at the moment.

What is the Bingo Bonus?

In Pokemon Quest, there is also a Bingo Bonus, an extra type of Bonus which you get when you fill up the line of Power Stones slots. It can be a horizontal or a vertical line, just like in the Bingo game. So the only way to get Bingo Bonuses is to collect more Power Stones.

The Bingo Bonus which you get from packing a line is exclusive to each Pokemon. The Bingo Bonus includes healing effects, resistance to status conditions, and increasing of critical hit chance to attack or HP.

The Bingo Bonus of the Pokemon is shown on its stats page to the right of the Power Stones your Pokemon is equipped with. You go on expeditions and unlock more Power Stones, and that is how you come closer to the Bingo Bonus. To open it, you need to make the line of three Power Stones, and simply enjoy its benefits after.

The more Bingo Bonuses you unlock, the better. They help your Pokemon increase Team Strength and stay more resistant on expeditions.

Every Pokemon can only get three Bingo Bonuses. When it gets one, it is always random. To check the Bingo Bonus effect, you can click on the magnifying glass in the Power Stones menu.

There are twenty variants of Bingo Bonuses your Pokemon may get. Each Pokemon has only a few available bonuses from this list. Here you can check the list of all Bingo Bonuses existing in Pokemon Quest.

  1. ATK
  2. ATK of [move]
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Critical Hit Rate
  5. Damage reduced from [type] Moves
  6. Healing from K.O.
  7. Healing per Wave
  8. Hit Healing
  9. HP
  10. HP upon Recovery
  11. Movement Speed
  12. Natural Healing
  13. Own Knockback Distance
  14. Pokemon size change
  15. Resistance to Effects
  16. Resistance to Status Conditions
  17. Taking Critical Hits rate
  18. Time to Recover
  19. [Type] Moves Wait
  20. Wait for Standard Attacks


Each kind of Bonuses in Pokemon Quest has a crucial meaning for your team’s success. Pay attention to the Bonus Type of the stage which you want to pass and gain better results with the Pokemon of the same type. Use the Expedition Bonus to fight the boss with the highest rate. And take the advantages of Bingo Bonuses to make your Pokemon Team stronger in many aspects.

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