How To Learn New Moves In Pokémon Quest

In Pokémon Quest, you're supposed to help your little monster learn some special Moves.

These Moves, similar to super-abilities, are dictated by a Pokémon's "element". In Pokémon Quest, there are fire moves, water moves, electricity moves, and maybe we'll see one-day unbearable stink moves (shout out to Stunky).

Nonetheless, in Pokémon Quest's case, things are a little bit different and you get to learn/exploit only two special Moves in each Pocket Monster's case.

Minimalistic? Disappointing? Who knows...

How to learn new moves in Pokémon Quest

In Pokémon Quest, you get two special Moves maximum to use for each Pokémon. You should keep in mind one very important detail: the Moves greatly affect combat prowess not just of a single Pokémon you own but also of the entire Poké-pack that you command. In other words, there's some serious potential for collaboration and teamwork.

Anyway, let's get straight to the business

Teaching new moves

In order to teach your Pokémon a special tricky-trick, you have to:

  •   Go to the "Edit Team".
  •   Tap on the "Training" option.
  •   Choose a supporting Pokémon. You can choose up to 4 Pokémon to help in the training. 
  •   Tap on the "Start Training" button.

You might be greatly discouraged but it is what it is: the supporting Pokémon will leave your camp after the training is complete.

You must choose wisely since the level and type of the supporting Pokémon will greatly affect the chance of learning a new Special Move.

The success rate, by the way, is always shown the Training Pokémon panel. If you drag more  Pokémons, the probability of success will rise. If the types are matching and the levels of supporting Pokémon are high - the success chance will be close to 100%.

Here you see, that with a supporting Pokémon of level 1, the success rate is 14%.

But as soon as a Pokémon of higher level is added the success rate increases drastically:

It is totally unpredictable what move you will learn after the training. At least, for now, it is that way. Maybe developers will fix it in the upcoming patches because blind luck isn't that much reliable.

To learn more about Moves and discover the magic of Move Stones explore our Pokémon Quest Moves Guide. 

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