Best Pokemons in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is the game that brings you multiple choices and activities from the beginning. With the team of three Pokemon, you can go on expeditions, participate in various quests, attract new team members with your cooking, decorate your Base Camp no time to get bored at all!

It is obvious that all your adventures and activities are connected to three main Pokemon which go on missions, fight enemies Pokemon, and gather around the whole team.

You can select on your own these three main Pokemon. And this is how you can actually form an outstanding team. There can be a lot of team variants so you should ponder on the best possible.

How to gain the perfect team building results? What Pokemon are the best for expeditions? Which are better to start with? We’ll try to help you with all the team-connected issues to make your Pokemon Quest experience even more dynamical and memorable.  

What are the best starter Pokemon?

When you begin playing Pokemon Quest, you can choose three of the five starter Pokemon to form your team. These are:

  • Charmander (Fire-type with ATK-126 and HP-76);
  • Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison dual-type with ATK-76 and HP-126);
  • Squirtle (Water-type with ATK-101 and HP-101);
  • Pikachu (Electric-type with ATK-131 and HP-71);
  • Eevee (Normal-type with ATK-101 and HP-101).

The first Pokemon Quest missions are simple, so the choice of the three starter Pokemon is not a matter of decisive importance. However, we can give you some recommendations about the first team building steps.

You can choose Charmander if you want to rely on great attacking capacity and its ability to use Fire Spin and hit the enemies from a long distance. You can also teach Charmander such moves as Scratch, Ember, Metal Claw, and Fire Punch which are also very effective in battles.

We would definitely choose Charmander for a start because Fire-type Pokemon have a unique value and are difficult to attract by cooking. Moreover, Fire-type Pokemon will come in handy on your second expedition as it is an area with a Fire-type Bonus.

Bulbasaur can be recommended for its strong defensive options and the ability to heal fast during battles. You can teach Bulbasaur Petal Dance, Synthesis, Tackle, Toxic, and Vine Whip moves. At level 16, Bulbasaur will evolve into Ivysaur and at level 32, into Venusaur.

Squirtle can be the most useful for your team at the Belly Button Cave area. As it is a Water-type Pokemon, Squirtle will get all benefits from walking on an expedition at the location with Water Bonus type. It has equal attacking and healing abilities. Later in the game, Squirtle can be taught Bubble, Tackle, Whirlpool, and Withdraw moves.

Pikachu has good attacking abilities and rather a weak capacity for healing. You can teach it Iron Tail, Spark, Surf, Thunderbolt, Thunder Shock, and Volt Tackle moves. However, Pikachu is not advisable as a starter Pokemon. It can be easily lured with cooking. So better prepare a needed recipe and attract Pikachu with its help.

Eevee is a perfect choice for the start of Pokemon Quest. Being a Normal-type Pokemon, it can use its Normal-type moves effectively at the early stage of the game. You can teach Eevee the following moves: Charm, Dig, Flail, Growl, and Take Down.

Anyway, the choice of starter Pokemon is a question of your own preferences. So you can pick any of these five Pokemon to your team. Everything will depend on training them up and using their best to strengthen the team overall.

Pokemon Quest best Pokemon

Later, when you progress in Pokemon Quest, you will need a replacement for your starter Pokemon. At this stage, your choice will entail more significant consequences. So we advise you to make a conscious decision based on the ratio.

There are Pokemon which are considered to be more active and powerful. That is why it is advisable to form your team precisely from these Pokemon. They are the best in their class, can obtain appropriate moves and get more advantages from the Power Stones.

Please note, we are not talking about the legendary Pokemon which can rarely be obtained.

Alakazam is the ideal solution for an attacking Pokemon. It is beneficial regarding Psychic attack which it uses against enemies bosses effectively. Alakazam evolves from Kadabra at level 36. Hard-hitting and long-range attacking, Alakazam brings maximum damage in fights. To make this Pokemon even more powerful, you can use Wait Less Stone and Whack Whack Stone. Just make sure that the other team Pokemon can support Alakazam with defensive moves. To get chances of attracting Alakazam to your team, cook its favorite recipe Brain Food a la Cube.

Golem is another perfect attacker in Pokemon Quest. Being a dual-type Rock/Ground Pokemon, it has both high ATK and HP. Golem is mighty and hardy on expeditions. In fight its close-range abilities let Golem hit more often than other Pokemon. Golem gets even more power with Stone Soup a la Cube. However, this Pokemon is somewhat difficult to attract. So you should show your best to get Golem on your team.

Machamp is a Fighting-type Pokemon with enormous muscles and ability to punch enemies extremely fast. It also has an outstanding defensive capacity. Not much Pokemon, especially in the later stage, can boast of such endurance as Machamp. This Pokemon is firm and unyielding. It becomes even more potent with a Sharing Stone attached. It is perfect applying for the team is when Machamp is having an attack move and Bulk Up, and a Sharing Stone attached. You can attract Machamp with the Get Swole Syrup a la Cube recipe.

Kangaskhan is a Normal-type Pokemon which is also highly recommendable to become a part of your team. It can bring mass damage to enemies Pokemon, so you won’t regret taking Kangaskhan into your expeditions. Equipped with Whack Whack Stone and Wait Less Stone it performs Mega Punch and turns into a thunderstorm for enemies. To attract this valuable Pokemon to your team, you need to cook the Plain Crepe a la Cube recipe.

Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokemon. It is heavy-weighted and can show enormous power when prompted. When Snorlax gets the third Bingo Bonus, it gets 550+ to Attack. This is how it becomes a perfectly balanced Pokemon. Snorlax can also learn Mega Punch which is considered to be one of the best attacks in the game. To lure Snorlax, you have to prepare Plain Crepe a la Cube - the same as for Kangaskhan.

How to make the perfect Pokemon Quest team building?

The team building process in Pokemon Quest is a question of crucial importance. Each expedition requires some reshuffle in your team composition. So you need to pay attention to Bonus type of the area where you are going to take the expedition and to the bosses you may encounter there.

Anyway, there are some hints which may help you build the perfect team. The best formation always consists of a defensive, ranged, and melee Pokemon. So here what you need to know about team building in Pokemon Quest.

  1. Include a defensive Pokemon to your team. Strong focus on defense may help your team to save power for longer and hold down the front of the team. To make your defensive Pokemon even more effective in terms of protection, add Power Stones that boost HP. You can also use the Sharing Stone to increase the defensive abilities of the team by sharing them across your Pokemon.
  2. Include range Pokemon to your team. Except for a defensive Pokemon, you need one with high attacking abilities. Long-ranged, AoE Pokemon is the one that perfectly suits this purpose. Such Pokemon can easily deal more damage to your enemies than others. The Pokemon with above-listed properties can hit more enemies at once and at a distance. It is advisable to use Power Stones boosting ATK, BroadBurst Stone, for example.
  3. Include melee, up-close, and personal Pokemon to your team. You will need a Pokemon in your team which gives the maximum damage through the close-range attack. This will be your Universal Soldier in encounters with bosses. You can boost its effects with attack Power Stones. Use Wait Less Stone, to let this type of Pokemon to beat more frequently.  


Now you see the importance of team building in Pokemon Quest. At the initial stage, team forming is mostly a question of your preferences. Later, you need to be more deliberate picking up Pokemon to your team. Once managing successful team building, you will get amazing in-game results.

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