Pokemon Quest Cooking Guide

Pokemon Quest is the latest game in the series with one significant distinction from the others. It has an engaging and important feature: you can make cooking and evolve your Pokemon with it.

Express even more love to the cute Pokemon creatures with preparing delicious dishes they adore. Cooking in Pokemon Quest is meant to be fun and bring you such great benefits which you haven’t even expected.

From now on, evolving in the game depends on passing missions and quests, and cooking for Pokemon as well. So let’s find out more about this aspect in our Pokemon Quest cooking guide.

Why is cooking so important?

Cooking in Pokemon Quest is extremely important for succeeding in the game. From the very beginning, your Pokemon team consisting of three members occupies the Base Camp. But three Pokemon, of course, is not enough to make your team complete. To allure even more members to your Base Camp, you should use cooking.

Scenting delicious smells coming from your Base Camp, Pokemon come closer. If they taste the dish you’ve cooked, they stay with you as your team members. This is how your team will be replenishing with new Pokemon.

Please, take note that only pre-evolved and non-evolving Pokemon can be attracted by your dishes. Cooking is not helpful when you want to draw the evolved Pokemon. In this case, you can only gain it through completing the specific mission.  

How to cook?

So if you want new wild Pokemon to appear, you need to take care of the dishes which can attract them.

First of all, you need to collect ingredients to prepare any dish. You will find them on expeditions and bring them to your Base Camp. With the assembled components, you can cook various dishes from different recipes. As you go through stages of Pokemon Quest, you will uncover more and more ingredients.

Please, take note that different dishes attract particular Pokemon. So you need to use specific recipes if you want to bring the unique Pokemon to your team.

Most of the Pokemon can be brought to your camp by more than one dish recipe. To know about the preferable dishes for each monster, check their individual recipe pages.

All the dishes take time to prepare, and the cooking doesn’t stop even when you are on expeditions. Nevertheless, it is expediently to spend time on cooking when you return to the base after every expedition.

To cook your dishes, you should use the specific Cooking Pot. At the beginning of the game, you’ll get the standard iron pot. The further you walk through the game, the more sophisticated your Cooking Pot becomes.

Why need to upgrade your pot?

There are four types of Cooking Pots which can be used in Pokemon Quest. There are Normal (Iron), Bronze, Silver, and Golden pots in the game.

It is much better to use the more valuable pot as the quality of your cooking depends not only on ingredients but on the pot as well. The more valuable your Cooking Pot is, the more stat bonuses will gain your Pokemon for cooking in it.

That is why it is so essential to upgrade your pot. To know all the benefits which each Cooking Pot can give you, use the table below.

Cooking Pot

How to get

Sets of ingredients it requires

Pokemon level

Stat bonuses

Iron Pot





Bronze Pot

Backforth Brook level completion




Silver Pot

Pincushion Plain level completion




Golden Pot

Chamber of Legends level completion




So using the better pot for the cooking, your Pokemon gets more bonuses and evolves. If you still haven’t completed the specific level and want to have the particular pot, you can spend money on it in the real-money store.  

What ingredients to use for each dish?

For your cooking, you are going to use the ingredients found in the expeditions. The quality of the recipe depends on the combination of the ingredients and the Cooking Pot and affects the rarity of the Pokemon brought to the Base Camp. The more unique recipe you use, the rarer Pokemon joins your team.

By using more ingredients, you power up the recipes. Thus your dishes become more attractive for Pokemon.

The list of ingredients you can use includes Mushrooms, Honey, Bluk Berry, Mystic Shell, Apricorn, and so on.

Ingredients are also divided into groups. There are Precious, Very Precious, Mystical, Soft Things, Sweet Things, Red, Blue, Grey, and others.

To understand which of them to use, you need to refer to the dish recipes. For example, to cook Honey Nectar à la Cube, you have to take a whole lot of Sweet Things and a lot of Yellow. Thus, you will mingle Honey, Bluk Berry, Rainbow Matter, and Apricorn. With this dish, you will attract Bug-type Pokemon.

By adding Precious and Very Precious ingredients, you will apparently exaggerate the quality of your dish. Different ingredients add the distinct number of points to your recipe.

All-in-all, there are 18 recipes which you can use in Pokemon Quest. To read all the ingredients needed you can refer to our Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide.


Use the best recipes and the best combinations of ingredients to gain more from your cooking in Pokemon Quest. Remember, that every time the dish is cooked, the new wild Pokemon comes to your Base Camp. By following our tips you can the Pokemon of the higher level to your team.

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