Pokémon Quest - How to evolve Pokémons

Since Pokémon Quest is sort of an RPG game, you'll have to upgrade your Poké-guys constantly - otherwise, you'll conquer no success.

In this short guide, we'll share with you tips and tricks to making your Pokémons better and stronger and also give you the comprehensive list of the Pokémon evolution chains.

Evolution Strategy

Here's how you can evolve your Pokémons:

1) Expeditions  

Pokémon Quest is a classic RPG, so primarily you'll have to gain more and more XP points through numerous Expeditions, quests, and fights to turn your Pocket Monster into a fierce warrior.

Just don't forget to use items that enhance its strength, health, and special Moves.

2) Training

The best way to train your Pokémon is the following:

  •        Go to the "Training Category".
  •        Click on the "Level Up" button.
  •        Choose a Pokémon you want to upgrade.
  •        Drag that Pokémon to the "Training Pokémon" slot.
  •        Choose the supporting Pokémons.
  •        Tap on the "Start Training" button.

Tap on “Training”

Tap on “Level Up”

Drag the Pokemon for training

Add a supporting Pokemon

The more supporting Pokemons you add - the more XP you get

Two matching Pokemons achieve a higher level

Beware! The Pokémons chosen by you to be the supporting ones will be discarded from your collection forever. And the more Pokémons you sacrifice - the more XP you'll give to the leveling up Pokémon.

To gain the maximum level/XP points possible, choose the supporting Pokémons of the same type as the Pokémon in training. It garners a certain experience bonus.

3) Specialized decorations

In Pokémon Quest, decorations do not just beautify the game's landscape. No, actually every single one of them fulfills a specific function.

Some of them dramatically increase the overall amount of experience your Pokémon party receives.

These decorations include:

  •        Bulbasaur Flag - level Up XP x 1.5.
  •        Fearow Weathervane - level Up XP x 2.
  •        Snorlax Lounger - expedition XP x 2.
  •        The Prolific Statue - more expedition XP for the up to level 5 Pokemons.
  •        The Spring Showers Statue - up to level 10.
  •        The Flourishing Statue - up to level 15.
  •        The Tranquility Statue - up to level 20.
  •        The Gentle Breeze Statue - up to level 25.
  •        The Abundance Statue - up to level 30
  •        The Purification Statue - up to level 35.
  •        The Burning Mane - up to level 40.
  •        The Longevity Statue - up to level 50.
  •        The Reverent Statue - up to level 60.

It's worth mentioning though that some of the aforementioned decorations are available through DLC only. Other can be bought for the Poké Mart Tickets.

Pokémon evolution chains

At what level does a Pokémon evolve? It depends on a specific Pokémon, of course. There is a specific XP points mark, which when achieved, automatically forces a Poke-guy into becoming a fancier version of itself. We've prepared the list of evolution levels for you.

How to evolve Abra

Abra - Kadabra (Lvl 16) - Alakazam (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Bellsprout

Bellsprout - Weepinbell (Lvl 21) - Victreebell (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur - Ivysaur (Lvl 16) - Venusaur (Lvl 32)

How to evolve Caterpie

Caterpie - Metapod (Lvl 7) - Butterfree (Lvl 10)

How to evolve Charmander

Charmander - Charmeleon (Lvl 16) - Charizard (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Cubone

Cubone - Marowak (Lvl 28)

How to evolve Diglet

Diglett - Dugtrio (Lvl 26)

How to evolve Doduo

Doduo - Dodrio (Lvl 31)

How to evolve Dratini

Dratini - Dragonair (Lvl 30) - Dragonite (Lvl 55)

How to evolve Drowzee

Drowzee - Hypno (Lvl 26)

How to evolve Eevee


How to evolve Ekans

Ekans - Arbok (Lvl 22)

How to evolve Gastly

Gastly - Haunter(Lvl 25) - Gengar (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Geodude

Geodude - Graveler (Lvl 25) - Golem (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Goldeen

Goldeen  - Seaking (Lvl 33)

How to evolve Grimer

Grimer - Muk (Lvl 38)

How to evolve Growlithe

Growlithe - Arcanine (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Horsea

Horsea - Seadra (Lvl 32)

How to evolve Kabuto

Kabuto - Kabutops (Lvl 40)

How to evolve Koffing

Koffing - Weezing (Lvl 35)

How to evolve Krabby

Krabby - Kingler (Lvl 28)

How to evolve Machop

Machop - Machoke (Lvl 28) - Machamp (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Magnemite

Magnemite - Magneton (Lvl 30)

How to evolve Magikarp

Magikarp - Gyarados (Lvl 20)

How to evolve Mankey

Mankey - Primeape (Lvl 28)

How to evolve Meowth

Meowth - Persian (Lvl 28)

How to evolve Nidoran

Nidoran - Nidorina/Nidorino (Lvl 16) - Nidoqueen/Nidoking (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Oddish

Oddish - Gloom (Lvl 21) - Vileplume (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Omanyte

Omanyte - Omastar (Lvl 40)

How to evolve Paras

Paras - Parasect (Lvl 24)

How to evolve Pidgey

Pidgey - Pidgeotto (Lvl 18) - Pidgeot (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Pikachu

Pikachu - Raichu (Lvl 22)

How to evolve Poliwag

Poliwag - Poliwhirl (Lvl 25) - Poliwrath (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Ponyta

Ponyta - Rapidash (Lvl 40)

How to evolve Psyduck

Psyduck - Golduck (Lvl 33)

How to evolve Rattata

Rattata - Raticate (Lvl 20)

How to evolve Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn - Rhydon (Lvl 42)

How to evolve Sandshrew

Sandshrew - Sandslash (Lvl 22)

How to evolve Seel

Seel - Dewgong (Lvl 34)

How to evolve Shellder

Shellder - Cloyster (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Slowpoke

Slowpoke - Slowbro (Lvl 37)

How to evolve Squirtle

Squirtle - Wartortle (Lvl 16) - Blastoise (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Spearow

Spearow - Fearow (Lvl 20)

How to evolve Staryu

Staryu -  Starmie (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Tentacool

Tentacool - Tentacruel (Lvl 30)

How to evolve Tyrogue

Tyrogue - Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee (Lvl 20)

How to evolve Venonat

Venonat - Venomoth (Lvl 31)

How to evolve Voltorb

Voltorb - Electrode (Lvl 30)

How to evolve Vulpix

Vulpix - Ninetails (Lvl 36)

How to evolve Weedle

Weedle - Kakuna (Lvl 7) - Beedrill (Lvl 10)

How to evolve Zubat

Zubat - Golbat (Lvl 22)

What's up with Eevee?

There have been some theories regarding Eevee's evolution. Some thought that renaming it into "Pyro", "Sparky"  and "Rainer" would do the eEeveelution magic.

Others theorized that placing Eevee in a specifically colored slot would trigger the desirable transformation.

However, all of the above-mentioned assumptions turned out to be erroneous.

Here's how you do it. To evolve Eevee into:

1)    Vaporeon - equip more HP Stones than attack Stones.

2)    Jolteon - an equal amount of HP/attack Stones.

3)    Flareon - equip more attack Stones than HP Stones.

The evolution happens only when your Eevee achieves level 36.

So far that's all we know about the Pokémon evolution in Pokémon Quest.

The game is still in its early stages, and though its gameplay is more or less developed, the authors will definitely add some new elements to make the training/evolution processes more time-wasting, engaging and exciting.

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