Pokemon Quest Best Strategies

We are sure you are already an expert in Pokemon Quest. With all these hours spent on playing, with Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide, multiple recipe guides, and tips on every level from our site, there’s no chance to break down in the gaming process.

But still, time after time you think about whether you could be more successful in Pokemon Quest. You really could if you use the right kind of strategy. Thinking on the best strategy you can use our tips and form your own smart method of playing the game.

Conventionally, we can divide all the challenges in Pokemon Quest into three categories. These are expeditions walkthrough, cooking issues, and Pokemon improving. In every aspect, there can be chosen its particular strategy depending on the results you want to earn.

Expeditions walkthrough

Expeditions in Pokemon Quest literally mean fighting and collecting some precious items on the unknown territory. Each time you go on the mission, your Pokemon team will encounter with enemies bosses. Some of them will be not hard to beat, and the others may require all your strength and endurance.

As expedition is the primary activity in Pokemon Quest, you have to prepare well for each you are going to and select your strategy regarding the area, its Bonus Type, and bosses you are going to encounter.

  • Choose your expedition tactics.

There are two modes of playing available on expeditions and two tactics accordingly to this fact. These are manual and auto-play modes. When you choose an auto-play, your Pokemon may pass the initial stage expeditions with ease. The missions are rather simple, so no side help for your team is needed.

But later you need to control your Pokemon manually to gain better results and prevent them from failing. The manual mode also lets you use the ‘Scatter’ feature. It considers all of your Pokemon to run in different directions to survive in case of encounters with extremely mighty bosses.

Most of the boss battles also require the manual mode as you need to pick up moves correctly.

  • Good team building before an expedition.

Make sure you managed a good team building work before you go on an expedition. To learn what kind of actions you need to perform when forming your team, refer once again to our team building guide.

In short, it is necessary to include a defensive, a range, and an up-close Pokemon to your expedition team. The defender is intensely needed in the battle. Having high HP, this Pokemon takes the brunt of letting attacking Pokemon do their bit. Your defender requires plenty of Sharing Stones to share its high recovering abilities with the whole team.

AoE Pokemon with high attacking abilities is another team member you need to include in the group. It is going to deal enough damage while battling and can hit more enemies at a distance. Boost its ATK with the BroadBurst Stone.

Up-close, or melee Pokemon gives the maximum damage with close-range attacks. To boost its attacking abilities, you can use the Wait Less Stone.

  • Use the advantages of the expedition location.

Every new area on the Tumblecube Island has its own specialties which you can use to your advantage. These unique features can only be learned when you are on the expedition. You may notice that particular location power up Water-type Pokemon. So you can use this feature to gain more benefits from this expedition. Even if you usually don’t take some Water-type Pokemon on the expedition, this time they are the best to select.

Cooking issues

Cooking is one of the essential activities in Pokemon Quest. So you need to train your cooking skills continually. And that is the most correct strategy regarding this question.

Remember, that cooking is the only thing which can help you befriend new Pokemon. To cook well, you need to spend enough time for this particular activity. However, you need to go on expeditions to get ingredients for your recipes.

The more sophisticated and complicated your recipe is, the rarer Pokemon may be attracted to your Base Camp. We’ll give you some tips to help you find a flawless cooking strategy.

  • Learn the tastes of different Pokemon.

Every type of Pokemon, even the legendary ones, have their tastes in recipes. You need to prepare a particular dish if you want a specific Pokemon come to your Base Camp. To find out what recipe to use and what ingredients you need for it, you can refer to our Recipes Page. There you will find a detailed description of each recipe and the type of the Pokemon most likely appealed by it.

  • Pay attention to the Ingredient Ratio of Pokemon Quest stages

Every new location on the Tumblecube Island can bring you a certain amount of various ingredients. The information on this you can get from the Ingredient Ratio icon which you can see starting each level.

It will explain the proportion of ingredients you may find here in colors. So you will be prepared for hunting down the specific colored ingredients.

You can use our Cooking Ingredients Guide to find out what are the most expected, least expected, and almost-impossible-to get ingredients of Pokemon Quest stages. For example, you need blue ingredients for your recipe. Then you can go to Backforth Brook or Belly Button Cave where most of the blue ingredients are situated.

Improving your Pokemon

Improving your Pokemon means it would be more potent on expeditions and more ingenious in cooking. Enhancing your Pokemon with all the game tools must be the best strategy you can choose. Investing time and PM Tickets in your Pokemon will surely bring the best results.

  • Spend enough time on training Pokemon.

With every new expedition, your Pokemon gets more experience. However, the best results can be shown if only you spend enough time training your little monsters.

You can start training from the Edit Pokemon menu. There you need to choose a supporting Pokemon which will literally become a trainer for your Pokemon. With its help, you can strengthen and improve your favorite Pokemon by teaching it a new random move. Take note, that the supporting Pokemon will disappear from your Pokedex right after training.

During the training, your Pokemon will get a higher success rate if the supporting Pokemon is of the same evolution line as the training one.

The more experienced and powerful becomes your Pokemon, the more time you’ll need to train it.

  • Use Bingo Bonuses for boosting your Pokemon abilities.

When you get three Power Stones in a horizontal or a vertical line, the Bingo Bonus activates. Every Pokemon can receive three Bingo Bonuses through the game.

Bingo Bonuses are always random but always meant to bring your Pokemon some boost. It is exclusive to each Pokemon and can bring healing effects, resistance to status conditions, increase attack or HP.

By getting a Bingo Bonus, your Pokemon can quickly become the best in the game. So do not ignore the Bingo Bonuses effects.

To get a Bingo Bonus, you need to collect Power Stones which are, in its turn, are also useful and powerful items.

To know more about Bingo Bonuses, read our Pokemon Quest Bonus Guide.

  • Spending PM Tickets can enhance your Pokemon

The in-game currency which is called PM Tickets is given by completing various achievements. You can spend it in the Poke Mart and gain benefits from your purchases.

Buying different decorations to your Base Camp, you invest in increasing your XP or in decreasing the time for cooking recipes. You can also expand your Power Stones storage, and that’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen your Pokemon.

You need to spend PM Tickets wise as they are very precious. We don’t recommend you to waste them for speeding up cooking as you can simply speed up by going into expeditions. Better use PM Tickets for fast recharging battery or recovering. That makes more sense for your Pokemon.


The Pokemon Quest strategy includes the listed above tips and tricks which can help your Pokemon get better and evolve through gaming. Three different aspects have to be taken into account to reach the best possible strategy. Each of them has to be approached with great attention so that you can get stunning results in Pokemon Quest.

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