1-3: First Steppe - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Pidgeotto Type:Flying hp 63 atk 60

You continue the expedition. The farther you go out on the island, the stronger the wild Pokemon get. That’s why you should collect more Power Stones and befriend more Pokemon to get stronger as you head farther out. Before taking on each stage. make sure your Team Strength is greater than the enemy’s one!

Four waves of wild Pokemon is waiting for your team. The first wave consists of several wild Pidgy and Spearow. You can use a few moves to clear them quickly and move on to the next wave of Pidgy and Spearow. At the end of this second wave, a wild Growlith joins the fight at your side.

Wave three will be much shorter with only a few Pidgy and Spearow. The final wave would be the toughest as you meet stronger Pokemon. You will fight against a few Pidgy accompanied by a Pidgeotto (or an Abra). Use your Pokemon's moves and they should be fine so long as they have enough Strength!

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: If you defeat the large Pokemon that appears at the end of an expedition, you can take the items you find back to your base with you.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: The number of sockets for Support Stones apparently increases when Pokemon levels up.