2-2: Gloomy Grove - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Exeggutor Type:Grass hp 95 atk 95

Your Pokemon team continues to explore the island. At this stage, you have to clear three waves. At every wave more Pokemon appear, so you have to struggle with more recoil.

On the final third wave, a strong-looking Pokemon appear. This time, it’s Exeggutor, a dual-type Grass/Psychic Pokemon. It is tall, bipedal, and strongly resembles a palm tree due to the leaves sprouting from the top of its body. It has more than one head, so you definitely will recognize him from the first seconds.  

As Exeggutor considered as one of the toughest regarding defence you should choose an appropriate fighting tactic for him.

Tip from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: The best-recommended attack types to use against Exeggutor: Flying, Fire, Bug, Ghost, Dark, Ice, Poison.