9-4: Nightlight Nook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Magneton Type:Electric hp 50 atk 60

Your approach to the final stage of the Nightlight Nook level closer and closer. There are three waves to pass before you meet the boss of the stage 9-4. This would be Magneton efficient in both defense and offense.

Magneton belongs to Electric/Steel type Pokemon. You will recognize it by unusual appearance. It is not an animal- or humanoid-looking creature. Magneton is the connection between three magnets (Magnemite Pokemon). They are all linked by a powerful magnetic gravity. So when you see three magnets attached, this is Magneton.

Magnetic force that is performed by Magneton is destructive to mechanical devices. So this Pokemon is dangerous for big cities infrastructure.

To defeat it efficiently, your team needs to take advantage of its weaknesses. Magneton is vulnerable against Ground, Fire, and Fighting types of moves. Use them to deal more damage and quickly gain the victory.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Team members that are the same type as the bonus type of the stage seem to have higher HP and ATK than usual.