3-3: Backforth Brook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Golduck Type:Water hp 80 atk 82

At this stage, you will find out something interesting about Power Stones appearance. It seems that the more gorgeous a Power Stone appears, the stronger the power that lies within it.

Your expedition becomes more challenging so far. There are three waves you need to clear at Backforth Brook 3-3. At the final stage, you meet Golduck, a Water-type Pokemon. It is a blue, duck-like Pokemon with four spikes on the back of its head. Uts body is perfectly adapted for water, so Golduck can swim in lakes and rivers.

You can take advantage of its weaknesses and deal more damage during the battle by using Electric and Grass type moves against him.

Tip from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: If your Pokemon leveled up during the battle with Golduck, it might evolve into a different form.