12-1: Happenstance Island - Tactical Guide

Level boss

After the encounter with Mewtwo in the Chamber of Legends level, your Pokemon team will proceed to the final level of Pokemon Quest. This new twelfth location is called Happenstance Island.

The final level is unpredictable. Each time you will try to pass the stage of it, there would be new enemies Pokemon and a new boss.

The further you go on the Happenstance Island, the more dangerous your expeditions become. However, the rewards also turn into more valuable. You become more powerful in defeating enemies and threatening their health.

Every expedition of the Happenstance Island level consists of five waves: the four of wild Pokemon and the last one for the fight with the main boss.

You will have only five minutes to complete each mission. The countdown starts with the moment you entered the stage. In case you don’t defeat the boss in that short period it will be equal to all your Pokemon fainted, and so you lose the expedition.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Use Fearow Weatherwane’s Effect to succeed at the first stage of the Happenstance Island level. The Fearow Weathervane greatly increases the amount of Exp. gained from Level-Up Training.

There is a probability that after passing four waves of wild Pokemon you are going to encounter Lapras as the main boss. It’s a giant sea creature which belongs to a Water/Ice dual-type.

To defeat Lapras, use Fighting, Electric, Grass, and Rock types of moves which it is the most vulnerable against.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: You will get an expedition bonus for every expedition you succeeded in.

*The main boss which you encounter at this stage may be different from the described in our Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide. Be prepared to fight with any Pokemon at any moment.