5-5: Belly Button Cave - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Golem Type:Rock hp 80 atk 120

These time there are four waves of enemies Pokemon to deal with. Prepare for severe fights with wild Pokemon before you meet the main boss of the Belly Button Cave.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: You can use an effect of freezing during the fights. When Pokemon are frozen, they are unable to move for a little while.

Golem is the Boss of the Belly Button Cave. You will recognize it by a tortoise-like appearance and green plated rocks on its shell. Golem sheds its skin each year, and this is the way this Pokemon increases its size. Golem lives up in the mountains and can quickly roll down off there in case of need.

Golem belongs to a Rock/Ground type. So you need to use Ground, Grass, Fighting, Ice, Water, and Steel moves to beat it efficiently.

After beating the Belly Button Cave boss, your team will discover the Gentle Breeze Statue. It is carved in a shape of Pidgeotto. Discovering the Gentle Breeze Statue lets your Pokemon up to Lv. 25 and can get increased Exp. from expeditions.