4-5: Parched Peak - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Machamp Type:Fighting hp 90 atk 130

The last stage of the level is traditionally the hardest to pass. You need to clear three waves before you meet the boss of the Parched Peak.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: The stronger the enemy, the more powerful Power Stones you might get from him.

This time you need to deal with Machamp, a Fighting-type Pokemon. It has a large humanoid body, powerful muscles on arms. Moreover, it has four arms to deal more damage to the foes.

These four arms allow Machamp to hit from the multiple angles and punch extremely fast. Its arms are so steady that it can even move a mountain with one hand.

Beat Machamp with Fairy, Flying, and Psychic moves to deal more damage.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: You can use the scatter button, you can give your team members the order to put some distance between themselves and enemies.