3-4: Backforth Brook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Parasect Type:Bug hp 60 atk 95

When three waves are cleared at the stage 3-4, you are going to meet Cloyster, a dual-type Ice/Water Pokemon which evolves from Shellder. You should prepare for the tough fight. It is not easy to get this boss.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: Take note, that your battery will gain one charge every thirty minutes.

You will recognize Cloyster from the first minutes of the meet. It’s a pearl-like Pokemon colored in black. It has a grey shell inside with blue-violet outer-shell casing. This shell is harder than diamonds and sharp as the sharpest knives.

Cloyster opens its shell to attack the opponent. But you should remember, Oyster can fight even with the shell tightly closed. He is active in defence due to the strength of the shell and sharp spikes on his body.

Cloyster is solvable though the task is hard. Pay attention to Cloyster weaknesses to Fighting, Grass, Electric, and Rock types of moves.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: For your moves amplification use Power Stones which are called Move Stones.