2-3: Gloomy Grove - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Weepinbell Type:Grass hp 65 atk 90

For the first time in the game, your Pokemon will be surrounded due to the big amount of wild Pokemon. You have to pass three difficult waves until you meet the strong-looking Pokemon.

At the final stage, you will encounter Weepinbell who is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon. His body has green leaves on both sides. With the help of them, he slices prey due to the leaves razor-sharpness. Nevertheless, Weepinbell has weaknesses common to his type. It is vulnerable against Flying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice-type of moves.

A Pokemon’s strength is determined by its Power Stones. To make your Pokemon stronger switch on Power Stones.

Tip from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: You will get some ingredients if you recycle your extra Power Stones.