5-1: Belly Button Cave - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Graveler Type:Rock hp 55 atk 95

As you already explored the Parched Peak location on the island, you are moving to a new one. It’s a Belly Button Cave where everything is colored in the hues of violet.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: At the Poke Mart, you can check the effects of decorations you’ve gotten. Of course, you can apply them in the game as well.

Now your team is experienced enough. So the two waves of wild Pokemon won’t be a big deal. But the main boss of this stage is going to make you tense up.

With the third wave, you will meet Graveler, a dual-type Rock/Ground Pokemon. You will recognize it by the boulder-resembling appearance. Graveler is slow in walking, but you’ll see how efficient it in rolling like a rock. It usually prefers mountains and rocky terrains.

If you want to defeat Graveler, you have to take advantage of its type weaknesses. Being a Rock/Ground type, Graveler is vulnerable against Ground, Grass, Fighting, Steel, Ice and Water types of moves.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Take note, that even if you’ve been to a stage before, the enemy Pokemon which appears there can apparently change.