10-6: Farside Fjord - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Gyarados Type:Flying hp 95 atk 125

An impressive amount of Team Strength needs to be summoned by this moment! To pass the tenth level of the game, you need to have over 16,000 of Strength.

We recommend you to do some cooking to refresh your team powers and prepare for the last stage of the Farside Fjord level.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Bluk Berries and Honey are classified as sweet things.

After attracting new Pokemon to the Base Camp, proceed to your expedition. You need to pass three waves before encountering with the level boss.

This is Gyarados, a dual-type Water-Flying Pokemon. It has an appearance of the Chinese Dragon. It is blue-colored with some yellow spots along its body. This Pokemon is extremely violent, so beating it won’t be easy.  

The most optimal moves to use against Gyarados are Rock and Electric types. This kind of Pokemon is highly destructive, so your team needs to summon all its strength for the fight.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Pokémon only seem to be able to be afflicted with one status condition at a time.

After defeating Gyarados, you will discover the final statue - the Reverent Statue. It is carved in the shape of Gyarados. From far out on that island, you will hear a voice. It’s a Chamber of Legends opened with discovering the last statue.