4-1: Parched Peak - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Machoke Type:Fighting hp 80 atk 100

The route to the new area is detected, so you are going to move to a new location as you explored pretty much on the latest one. Parched Peak begins with three waves you need to clear at a stage 4-1. The latest one as always considers a meeting with a boss.

You will meet here Machoke, a Pokemon of a Fighting-type. It is humanoid-looking, has two legs and covered with gray skin. Machoke has muscular arms and always wears a power-save belt. This Pokemon is incredibly strong due to his muscles power. It can even lift heavy objects with only one finger. Everyday Machoke trains in the mountains.

To fight Machoke, you have to take advantage of its weaknesses. Being a Fighting-type, this Pokemon is defenseless against Flying, Fairy, and Psychic types of moves.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: In Pokemon Quest, you can attract Pokemon by cooking. Stronger Pokemon will come to visit the greater the number of ingredients you use when cooking.