7-2: Miasma Moor - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Weezing Type:Poison hp 65 atk 90

You can design your own environment in Pokemon Quest. Do it with the decorations for your Base Camp which are available through purchasing in the Poke Mart. Moreover, decorations can bring you benefits. If you already have 300 PM tickets, we advise you to spend them on the Mechanical Tauros.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Mechanical Tauros has a significant effect. The Mechanical Tauros greatly increases the drop rate of gray ingredients.

There will be four waves of wild Pokemon at the stage Miasma Moor 7-2. At the final wave, you need to deal with two Weezings so that the task won’t be as easy as pie. Both of them consist of two heads connected, so the difficulty becomes twice as much. You will recognize this Pokemon by such characteristic feature and purple color of the body.

Weezing belongs to a Poison-type. It prefers dirt and garbage.

To defeat Weezing, you must pay attention to its type weaknesses. Using Ground and Psychic types of moves that Weezing is weak against you will deal maximum damage.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Venusaur Planter’s Effect is also The Venusaur Planter greatly increases the drop rates of yellow ingredients.