7-3: Miasma Moor - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Victreebel Type:Grass hp 80 atk 105

Between the fights don’t forget about the cooking. This activity will appeal new Pokemon to your Base Camp. So use this option as often as it is possible.

Depending on where you are on an expedition, the ingredients that are easy to get will be different.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: You need to apply ingredient combinations in your cooking. To cook special dishes, you need to gather several kinds of ingredients.

After cooking, you can proceed with your expeditions. At the stage 7-3, you will pass two waves before you meet the boss. It will be Victreebel. You have already encountered Weepinbell, the primary form of this Pokemon.

Victreebel belongs to a Grass/Poison dual-type, its body is meant to hunt for prey. Victreebel’s body is pear-shaped with the big leaf covering its mouth.

To beat this Pokemon, you need to use Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic types of moves. They can precisely cause it the most damage.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Pay attention to ingredients for cooking recipes A whole lot means four or more slots, and a few means two or more slots.