3-1: Backforth Brook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Slowbro Type:Water hp 95 atk 75

A new location where the pixelated rivers flow is opened for exploring at Backforth Brook. More and more wild Pokemon appear which requires the improvement of your Team Strength.

Slowbro Pokemon is the stage boss whom your Pokemon have to defeat after clearing three waves. Its bright appearance easily distinguishes Slowbro. It is big and pink, with a striped belly. A grey Shelider is attached to his tail holding Slowbro with the sharp teeth.  

To defeat Slowbro, you have to use its weaknesses. As it is Water/Psychic type of the Pokemon, he can be beaten off by Bug, Grass, Ghost, Dark, and Electric moves.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: Use Pokemon and moves of the same type for additional damage. You can deal 25% more damage with using the same-type Pokemon.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: You can find Quest-Exclusive items that you can only get as Quest rewards.