9-2: Nightlight Nook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Rhydon Type:Rock hp 105 atk 130

With again four waves to clear, your team is going to meet a dangerous opponent. Rhydon is the boss of the stage 9-2.

It’s a Ground/Rock Pokemon which can resemble you a bipedal rhinoceros. This Pokemon evolves from Rhyhorn. Obviously, the name explains the presence of a horn on the nose of these two Pokemon. With this horn, it can crush anything and even cut diamonds.

Rhydon also has a long powerful tail that is characteristic for dinosaurs. Only one blow of this tail - and the building is ruined.

Rhydon hide is incredibly resistant, so it is impossible even to scratch it.

This Pokémon is well-protected in many aspects, so you need to make an effort to defeat it.

Rhydon is vulnerable against many types of moves. Ground, Grass, Water, Ice, Fighting, and Steel are the most threatening to it.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: A bingo bonus will automatically activate when you have at least one complete line of stones in a Power Charm.