2-5: Gloomy Grove - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Butterfree Type:Flying hp 60 atk 45

From the start of Gloomy Grove 2-Boss, your Pokemon team will be surrounded. The difficulty increases, and you need enough Team Strength to pass four waves of wild Pokemon.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: You can find some rare Power Stones that have special effects to be more efficient in the battles.

To defeat the expedition’s boss, you have to beat off three waves of intensive attacks. Then you will meet the Gloomy Grove boss - Butterfree. From its name, you are supposed to meet a butterfly-resembling Pokemon. And that’s true. It’s an insect-like Pokemon of Bug/Flying type. To beat it you should use Electric, Flying, Rock, Ice, and Fire moves.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: Take note, that Butterfree’s wings are covered with poisonous powder. And when the Pokemon poisoned they are gradually damaged for a little while.

You discover the Spring Showers Statue at the end of the Gloomy Grove level which lets you get to increase your experience from expeditions. And some Pokemon will evolve into a different form when they level up.