6-1: Pincushion Plain - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Persian Type:Normal hp 65 atk 70

Welcome to a new bright area of the Pincushion Plain level. You will find yourself discovering a new location with green meadows, blue ponds, and flowers growing everywhere. From the start, you have to clear four waves of wild Pokemon, and the last of them considers an encounter with the boss of 6-1.

When you receive a strong-looking Pokemon alert, you will meet Persian, one of the cutest Pokemon. Nevertheless, you have to fight it.

Persian is an elegant and beautiful cat-looking Pokemon. It has whiskers as all cats do. With the help of them, Persian senses air movements and controls the surroundings. On the forehead, this Pokemon wears a red jewel stone. It can walk to the prey on the soft paws without making a sound.

Persian belongs to a Normal-type, so you can use the moves the most affecting for this type. These are Fighting-type moves which can bring more damage to Persian.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Take note that the effects of bingo bonuses seem to vary among Pokemon.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: For gaining more benefit, use extra Power Stones. Convert them into ingredients for cooking by recycling them.