8-2: Hushed Highlands - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Arbok Type:Poison hp 60 atk 95

There are obvious effects of Evolution in Pokemon Quest. A Pokemon’s strength also appears to increase when it evolves.

While playing, you will also find out: the stronger the enemy, the more powerful Power Stones you might get from them.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: It seems you can increase the number of Pokemon and Power Stones you can have with box expansions from the Poke Mart.

To pass the second stage of the Hushed Highlands level, you need to have more than 7000 of Team Strength. In case your team is strong enough, you can easily pass two waves and finally meet the boss of the Hushed Highlands 8-2.

The strongest Pokemon at this time is Arbok. It’s a Poison-type Pokemon which totally resembles a cobra snake. It can easily constrict the foe as the real reptiles do. It is impossible to escape if Arbok wrapped the body around its opponent.

To beat Arbok, you need to use the powerful moves of Ground and Psychic types.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: When Pokemon fall asleep, they are unable to move for a little while.