6-2: Pincushion Plain - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Pidgeot Type:Flying hp 83 atk 80

Pokemon can use two kinds of moves in the battle: offensive and defensive. Both can be enhanced by Move Stones. To improve offensive and defensive moves, you can refer to the Move-Learning training available in Pokemon Quest from time to time. With the feature, select the Pokemon which you want to teach new moves.  

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: The success rate for Pokemon seems to fall the more times they’ve successfully completed Move-Learning training.

If you learn and improve new moves, then you will quickly pass three waves of wild Pokemon at Pincushion Plain 6-2.

The final fourth wave will bring an encounter with Pidgeot. It belongs to a Normal/Flying type of Pokemon. Most of the trainers are attracted by its beauty. Pidgeot eye-pleasing plumage makes it one of the most attractive avian Pokemon.   

Beat Pidgeot with Electric, Ice, and Rock moves as it is the most vulnerable to them.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: For gaining more benefit in Pokemon Quest, use extra Power Stones. Convert them into ingredients for cooking by recycling these Stones.