3-5: Backforth Brook - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Poliwrath Type:Fighting hp 90 atk 95

Clear three waves to meet the main boss of the Backforth Brook. It is blue, bipedal, with the powerful muscular body. Its limbs never get tired due to the power of its muscles. This is Poliwrath, a dual-type Water/Fighting Pokemon which evolves from Poliwhirl. It is an excellent swimmer, though preferring living and fighting on dry land.

Tip 1 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: You may note Pokemon attack themselves for a little while when they are confused.

To fight Poliwrath, you need to use its weaknesses against it. Being a Water/Fighting type, it is afraid of Grass, Electric, Flying, Fairy, and Psychic types of moves. So be ready to use them in this fierce fight against the boss.

Tip 2 from Pokemon Quest leveling guide: You might be able to change Pokemon moves with Move-Learning Training.

After fighting Poliwrath and by the end of Backforth Brook you may find the Flourishing Statue. It is made in the shape of Doduo and increases your Pokemon level up to Lv.15 of experience.

By this moment your team already has three statues. They are the key to the Chamber of Legends. If you gather enough of the figures hidden on different places on the island you can reach the Chamber of Legends.