5-3: Belly Button Cave - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Onix Type:Rock hp 35 atk 45

At Belly Button Cave 5-3 you again will have to deal with three waves of wild Pokemon. The last one considers your encounter with a strong-looking Pokemon Onix.

Onix belongs to a Rock/Ground Type. This Pokemon has no evolution. It only becomes rounder and smoother when growing older. There is a magnet in Onix brain. It manages the function of a compass to give Onix direction while it is tunnelling.

Taking advantage of the Onix weaknesses, you can deal more damage during a battle. Onix is weak against the following type of moves: Ground, Grass, Fighting, Ice, Water, and Steel. You can choose the most correct tactics against this Pokemon.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Pay attention to a number of status conditions in the game. Pokemon only seem to be able to be afflicted with one status condition at a time.