4-3: Parched Peak - Tactical Guide

Level boss
Rapidash Type:Fire hp 65 atk 100

With three waves of enemies to pass in the Parched Peak 4-3, pay special attention to the statues searching.

Tip from Pokemon Quest walkthrough guide: Take advantage of finding statues on the island. For example, the Flourishing Statue allows Pokemon up to 15 Lv. to receive increased Exp. from expeditions.

When your team clears two waves of wild Pokemon, it will face a strong-looking one, Rapidash. Recognize this Pokemon with a beautiful unicorn-looking appearance. On the forehead, it has a horn and colorful flames streaming from its neck and back.

This creamy-colored Pokemon is very agile, it reaches the top speed in ten steps and reaches a full gallop. So your Pokemon need to be quick as well to fight Rapidash. You should also use its weak sides for gaining a victory. As it belongs to a Fire-type, it is the most vulnerable against Ground, Rock, and Water types of moves.